“RAGS”, “Little Girl Lethal” and “Jack Irons” creators offer big perks to boost “Sporkman” Indiegogo campaign in final hours… will it be enough? (Updated)

The crowdfunding campaign for Sporkman Goes to Japan ends in a matter of hours, and at the time of this writing, the project has raised just short of half of its funding goal.

Friends of the Sporkman creative team, particularly other independent comic book creators, have stepped up to sweeten the deal for those who back the Sporkman campaign. The first boost comes from the creative team behind the breakout hit comic, RAGS, who have pledged to include a copy of RAGS issue 1 (including a Patreon-exclusive variant cover) to all Sporkman backers if the campaign hits its goal.

Not to be outdone, the creators of Jack Irons: the Steel Cowboy have also pledged to include digital copies of Jack Irons: the Steel Cowboy #1 AND their upcoming book, Kactus Coyote, if Sporkman reaches its funding goal.

Enter Slick Jimmy, the creator of Little Girl Lethal, who is promising a signed trading card of the image below, featuring Sporkman and Jimmy’s own Sugar Lightspeed for all those who back at the physical copy levels.

Sporkman Goes to Japan is a 3-issue mini-series written by Eric Berry and Chuck Bonetti, and features illustrations by Gifney Richata and colors by Rodrigo Ybañez (Red Ninja Momiji).

Do these new bonuses interest you? Will they be enough to get Sporkman over the finish line? You can check out the Patreon-exclusive cover of RAGS #1 below, or visit the Sporkman Goes to Japan Indiegogo page here.

*Note: post updated to include the Little Girl Lethal card and the Jack Irons and Kactus Coyote books.


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