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The manga-inspired “KAYAS” poised to establish a massive fantasy universe

Former tattoo artist and aspiring comic book creator Ryan Cardinal is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign for KAYAS: a Story of Blood and Stone in May. KAYAS is a 48-page, black and white action/fantasy comic intended as the first part of a massive (over one thousand pages) series filled with “high-impact action, martial arts mayhem, swords, sorcery, monsters and

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Artist Cesar Feliciano teases “Chango: the Broken Veil”

Comic book artist Cesar Feliciano (Gods and Soldiers) is partnering with writer Ben Goldsmith and colorist Jasen Smith to launch Chango: the Broken Veil, which is scheduled to begin crowdfunding in May. Feliciano has been dropping quite a few teaser images for the Chango project on social media, which you can check out below. The story appears to have some

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Publishin’ Pete just keeps winning! The campaign to expand Alterna Comics hits every goal

Overnight, the crowdfunding campaign to expand Alterna Comics ended successfully, raising 343% of its original goal for a total of over $8 thousand. With those numbers, Alterna founder Peter Simeti will be able to expand his company’s operations by moving to a much larger storage space (10′ x 20′). Not only will this allow for Alterna to order larger print

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Gilbert Deltrez teases new project, “Pistolera”

Earlier this week, independent comic writer/artist Gilbert Deltrez (Lair) teased an upcoming project, Pistolera. Planned as a crowdfunded project via Kickstarter, Deltrez describes Pistolera as a revenge western. Unfortunately, not much else is known about the Pistolera project at the moment. For the time being, you can check out the cover for Pistolera below, featuring art by J. L. Jiles

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Sci-fi horror comic “Something Real” returns to Indiegogo 24 January for third issue

The Boogeyman beckons! The sci-fi horror comic series Something Real is all set to crowdfund its third issue. Not familiar with Something Real? We’ll catch you up. Written by Joey Turnage and featuring illustrations by Ian J. Miller and colors by Fredrik Mattsson, Something Real is a tale of terror inspired by Nightmare on Elm Street and other supernatural horror

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“Sovereign” smashes Indiegogo funding goal; transitions to in-demand store for limited time

On New Year’s Day, the crowdfunding campaign for new the anime-inspired graphic novel Sovereign came to a close, raising nearly 180% of its original goal for a total over $21 thousand. Sovereign is a 48-page science-fiction tale by Andrew Huerta heavily inspired by the anime art of Masami Ōbari and Akira “Akiman” Yasuda. Did you get wasted on New Year’s

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