Superhero comic “T-Bird & Throttle” now crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Earlier this week, Josh Howard launched a crowdfunding campaign for his comic book miniseries, T-Bird & Throttle via Indiegogo. T-Bird & Throttle is a 4-issue superhero story with each book expected to be 60 pages in length. This particular crowdfunding campaign is set up specifically to fund issue 2, as Howard already funded issue 1 and a 16-page issue 0, though those two issues were funded on Kickstarter.

Josh Howard (Dead@17) is a 15-year veteran artist who describes T-Bird & Throttle as his own personal passion project inspired by superhero stories of the 80s and 90s, which is evident by his visual style being a bit reminiscent of Batman the Animated Series. Below is a summary of the plot taken from the Indiegogo page.

“The story follows Mitchell Maddox, astronaut turned superhero who was granted incredible powers by a mysterious alien “engine.” As T-Bird, Maddox rose to fame as the defender of Centennial City – until the day a terrible tragedy stripped him of everything. 10 yrs. later, Maddox, now a single father, sets out to revive his glory days as T-Bird -but the demons from his past may have other plans…”

Backers can get in on T-Bird & Throttle for $15, which will get you one of three options, either a physical version of issue 1, a physical edition of issue 2 (for those who backed previous campaigns), or digital versions of all three issues so far (1, 2 and Zero). Physical editions of all three issues will run you $35, while those who spend more can get extra copies of the books, original artwork, or a one-of-a-kind cover image. All physical copies will be signed by writer/artist Josh Howard.

Since both issues 0 & 1 were already crowdfunded successfully and the only work to be done is on issue 2, Howard is predicting a February 2019 delivery date. You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full T-Bird & Throttle Indiegogo page here.

T-Bird and Throttle Comic CoverT-Bird and Throttle Fight Scene Sample PageT-Bird and Throttle duo sample panelT-Bird and Throttle The Change sample page

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