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IDW cancels Rocketeer reboot just weeks before release

The upcoming comic book reboot of The Rocketeer has been cancelled by publisher IDW. Rocketeer Reborn was planned as a 5-issue miniseries with the first issue scheduled to release on 26 December. While no reason for the cancellation has been given, it’s possible that IDW simply didn’t receive enough interest (or orders) from comic book retailers, particularly considering the licensing

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New “Earthbound” comic fully funded on Indiegogo

On Monday, the Indiegogo campaign for Earthbound: Between Two Breaths on Earth achieved its funding goal of $4 thousand. Not to be confused with the Nintendo RPG series with a similar name, Earthbound is a certified girthy (140 pages!) science fiction graphic novel created by delicatessen meat slicer extraordinaire, Per Berg (aka Narwhal). Influenced by manga and the Japanese film

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Superhero comic “T-Bird & Throttle” now crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Earlier this week, Josh Howard launched a crowdfunding campaign for his comic book miniseries, T-Bird & Throttle via Indiegogo. T-Bird & Throttle is a 4-issue superhero story with each book expected to be 60 pages in length. This particular crowdfunding campaign is set up specifically to fund issue 2, as Howard already funded issue 1 and a 16-page issue 0,

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