IDW cancels Rocketeer reboot just weeks before release

The upcoming comic book reboot of The Rocketeer has been cancelled by publisher IDW. Rocketeer Reborn was planned as a 5-issue miniseries with the first issue scheduled to release on 26 December. While no reason for the cancellation has been given, it’s possible that IDW simply didn’t receive enough interest (or orders) from comic book retailers, particularly considering the licensing fee they would owe for using The Rocketeer character. IDW has made similar last-minute cancellations before, including in 2017 when they chose to cancel G.I. Joe: Scarlett Strike Force just weeks before its first issue was set to debut.

Perhaps the plot synopsis of Rocketeer Reborn can provide some more clues:

A Rocketeer for a new century! It’s been 80 years since Cliff Secord first found an experimental jet pack and soared through the skies.

Now, decades later, The Rocketeer is all but forgotten, a legend of a bygone era–until Cliff’s jet pack is found, but in a most unexpected way–one that causes conflict for several people, each of whom are drawn to the jet pack… some for good and some for evil! A pulp-inspired modern-day adventure!

Anyone interested in reading that? More specifically, anyone interested in reading that knowing that IDW was at the helm?

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