The Indiegogo campaign for T-Bird & Throttle ends successfully

On Monday, the crowdfunding campaign for Josh Howard’s new superhero mini-series T-Bird & Throttle ended successfully, raising 136% of its initial goal for a total of over $20k. That total was also enough to hit a stretch goal in which all physical copy backers would receive trading cards featuring the book’s protagonists.

Tbird and Throttle 100% funded Indiegogo

T-Bird & Throttle creator Josh Howard (Dead@17) is a 15-year veteran artist who describes the book as his own personal passion project inspired by superhero stories of the 80s and 90s, which is evident by his visual style being a bit reminiscent of Batman the Animated Series.

If you are regretting missing out on the crowdfunding period, there’s still hope for you. The T-Bird & Throttle Indiegogo page has transitioned to an “in-demand” store, so you can preorder the book(s) for a limited time with several tiers still available. Howard is predicting a February 2019 delivery date.

You can check out the stretch goal trading card mock-ups below or visit the full T-Bird & Throttle Indiegogo page here.

Congratulations to Mr. Howard and everyone else on the T-Bird & Throttle project!

Tbird How Rad Comics concept artThrottle How Rad Comics concept art

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