Crowdfunding Review: “Sexy Scary Space” Pulp Trading Cards

Welcome to another edition of crowdfunding reviews! Today we’ll be reviewing Sexy Scary Space pulp trading cards from Rusty Gilligan.  For those of you not familiar with the crowdfunding review format, we grade a crowdfunding campaign on four distinct categories:

  • Product Content and Quality
  • Communication and Fulfillment
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Stretch Goals and Bonuses

The Sexy Scary Space pulp trading card set reprints several classic pulp magazine covers in trading card form, such as Spicy Detective, Weird Tales (Conan!), Eerie Stories, etc. The campaign was exclusive to Indiegogo, and I personally backed the “Signed Print and Set Package.” So how well did the campaign do with fulfilling what was promised?  Sexy? Scary? Both? Read on. 

Rewards from the Sexy Scary Space pulp trading cards campaign

Product Content and Quality

The perk that I back was titled Signed Print and Set Package, which included one promotional card, the nine card Sexy Scary Space pulp set, one mini sketch card, and one signed and numbered 4”x6” mini print of the Cthulhu cover used in the set. This print perk was limited to 10 backers and sold out rather quickly.

The cards are standard quality, no holograms or foil, just typical trading cards.  The images on the face are excellent, with minimal borders and logos, allowing for collectors to truly appreciate the artwork featured.  The card backs are full of details like artistic credits, title of the pulp magazine, and some interesting facts regarding each publication. 

The sketch card was my absolute favorite part of the tier I backed.  The card came sealed in a silver foil pack, with easy to open tear spots.  The card was a mini old school tobacco-style trading card, and the backer received a randomly inserted card, which could have been from any number of pre-listed artists. 

The 4” x 6” print was done on photo quality paper.  It was indeed signed by both Terry Pavlet and Rusty Gilligan, but unfortunately the numbering was missing.  It’s supposed to be limited to 10, so I was expecting a #/10, but instead it was just generically signed.  Although not a big misstep, it’s still not exactly as advertised. Still, the products were nice quality overall, and that sketch card was a uniquely special item. 

Grade: B+

My initial pledge came with a sketch card, promo card, 9 card set and signed print

Communication and Fulfillment

I pledged to this campaign in February 2020 and had it delivered in November 2020.  That’s a nine month turnaround time.  The cards were originally slated to be delivered June 2020, but unforeseen delays hurt the delivery schedule.    

The creator posted updates on his campaign page, but sometimes there would be long gaps without any communication to his backers.  For example, between posts on April 16, 2020 and August 1, 2020, there was only one update.  For a set initially intended to deliver in June, this was not acceptable.  I would have liked to have seen more campaign updates with the status of card production and fulfillment timelines. 

When a problem arose with my order, the campaign coordinator got back to me within minutes of my email.  It may have been the fastest response I’ve ever seen to an email I’ve sent within a campaign.  Still, the delay in fulfillment and lack of timely updates left me disappointed.   

Grade: C

Packaging and Shipping

I saw an update that items were being shipped but never received a tracking number when my item was sent.  I like tracking my packages, and wish I’d have been supplied the tracking number. 

My package was shipped via USPS first class mail.  The items were packaged in a high-quality bubble mailer, and inserted within the mailer was a very sturdy piece of cardboard to prevent any damage in transit.  My cards arrived in mint condition. 

Overall packaging and shipping were professionally handled, but I need the tracking details to really be impressed with this category. 

Grade: B+

A padded mailer and inserted cardboard helped my items arrive in mint condition

Stretch Goals and Bonuses

As you can imagine in a card set, the stretch goals were trading cards.  Normally that wouldn’t impress me much, but it was the sheer amount of additional trading cards unlocked that wowed me.  The card set was initially scheduled to be nine cards, but thanks to backers supporting this campaign, the set ballooned to 36 cards.  That’s an additional 27 cards unlocked as stretch goals! 

Also unlocked was a 4” x 6” print of the Daredevil card used in the set.  This was a line art variant of the card, and came signed by artist Rusty Gilligan.  Similar to the print that came with my tier, the print was done on photo quality paper. 

I liked these stretch goals a lot.  They weren’t overly original, but they didn’t need to be.  Making the set more robust rewarded all of the backers.  Let’s face it, you’re not backing a trading card set unless you like trading cards. 

Grade: A-

27 trading cards and one signed mini print all unlocked thanks to backers

Overall, I liked this Sexy Scary Space pulp trading card campaign.  Although it suffered from delays, it ultimately fulfilled as promised and the product quality was excellent.  This was one of those campaigns that once you receive the finished product, you can forgive the delays and just enjoy your rewards.     

The Sexy Scary Space pulp trading card set is still available in-demand via its Indiegogo page here.

Overall Grade: B

A look at the entire 36 Sexy Scary Space pulp trading card set with promo card

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  • You forgot to mention that the virus and quarantines caused the delays.
    All orders were shipped once these were lifted.
    All past campaigns from the same publisher were delivered early or on-time.

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  • Hi Anonymous, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately what you have stated doesn’t explain the multiple delays. In an update from the project creator on September 27, 2020, directly on the campaign page, he listed three separate delays. Among them were (1) The Virus (2) Damaged product delivered from the delivery service and (3) Undelivered product from the delivery service. Instead of listing all of this in the review, I chose to condense it by stating “unforeseen delays”.
    I believe you that all past campaigns were delivered on-time or early, but my review was strictly for the campaign I pledged to in February 2020 and received in November 2020.

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