Art Thibert launches Indiegogo campaign for “Black and White Remastered”

On Thursday, longtime comic industry veteran Art Thibert launched an Indiegogo campaign for Black and White – Remastered, a 48-page graphic novel and part one of a two-part mini-series.

Art Thibert is a 30-year veteran of the comic book industry having previously worked with Marvel & DC on books including Superman, Batman, and Cable. Thibert wrote the original Black and White story with his wife, Pamela, and published the title as a mini-series under the Image banner back in 1994. This “remastered” version of Black and White doesn’t just include updated artwork; Thibert has also partnered with Taylor Grosso to rework the dialogue too, so the story will have a fresh, modern look & feel.

Below is a video breakdown of Black and White – Remastered taken from the Indiegogo page:

Backers can buy into the Black and White project starting at $15, which gets you a digital copy of the book. All physical copies are signed by the creators and start at $25, while those who spend a bit more can get extra copies of the book, a 16-page “ashcan” story, a postcard, pogs (yes, those pogs), original artwork, and even issues of the original 1990s Black and White comics published by Image.

At the time of this writing, Black and White – Remastered is less than $500 from being fully funded with 29 days left to go, so yeah, it’s going to make it with some room to spare. You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Black and White – Remastered Indiegogo page here.

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