Publishin’ Pete just keeps winning! The campaign to expand Alterna Comics hits every goal

Overnight, the crowdfunding campaign to expand Alterna Comics ended successfully, raising 343% of its original goal for a total of over $8 thousand.

With those numbers, Alterna founder Peter Simeti will be able to expand his company’s operations by moving to a much larger storage space (10′ x 20′). Not only will this allow for Alterna to order larger print runs of its books, but it will also lay the groundwork for Alterna to become a full-fledged distributor.

You can watch Simeti’s livestream video celebrating the success of the Alterna Expansion campaign below.

Those who supported the Alterna expansion campaign will receive discounted bundles of Alterna books. Since the campaign also met all of its stretch goals, backers will also receive an Alterna Comics magnet and trading card.

Sorry you missed out? There will be another opportunity to get similar bundles of comics from Alterna during their next “AlternaWeen” promotion, which offers heavily discounted bundles of age-appropriate books intended to be given away as Halloween treats. Simeti has previously indicated that the next AlternaWeen campaign will launch in July.

Congratulations to Saint Peter Simeti and the rest of Team Alterna on yet another successful campaign.

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