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Alterna Comics’ “Legends of Log” to receive one-dollar one-shot in January

For nearly a year, The Legends of Log has been a mainstay of Alterna Comics’ anthology series It Came Out on a Wednesday. But now Alterna is giving the ax-wielding wooden giant his own one-shot book this January. The best part? It will only cost a buck. Legends of Log follows the adventures of the titular titan Log as he

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Peter Simeti launches “Alterna Distribution”

During a Thursday livestream, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti announced that he has indeed launched “Alterna Distribution,” an all-new way for independent creators to get their comics into comic book shops. So far, Alterna Distribution exists only as a web domain, but Simeti is planning for the venture to be fully operational in mid-2020. It’s important to note that this

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AlternaWeen 2019 is now live!

On Tuesday, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti launched the company’s second Halloween-themed fundraising campaign, AlternaWeen. The intended purpose of the campaign is to raise money for Alterna Comics to maintain and expand its distribution channels. The more money raised, the more product Alterna will be able to send to these new retailers. Backers who support the Alternaween campaign will be sent

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Film adaptation of psychological horror comic “The Chair” returns to theaters

This weekend at San Diego Comic Con, Alterna Comics announced that the film adaptation of Peter Simeti’s psychological horror book The Chair is being re-released at select theaters thanks to Terror Films and BingeWave Cinema. The Chair follows the story of Richard Sullivan, a man on death row, struggling to escape his grisly fate. Pitted against a sadistic Warden and

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THE MIGHTY MASCOTS revealed as the first 80+ page “Alterna Giant”

During San Diego Comic Con, Alterna Comics revealed that The Mighty Mascots will be the first book published in the “Alterna Giants” line, a new line of 80+ page books priced at just $4.99. All Alterna Giants will collect previously-released issues similar to a trade paperback, and (according to Alterna) will contain “complete arcs, newsprint interiors, new cover art, and

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“Blood Realm” creator Robert Geronimo discusses the series’ future with Alterna Comics

Earlier this week, Blood Realm creator Robert Geronimo joined Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti on the official Alterna YouTube channel to discuss the future of the Blood Realm universe. Blood Realm has been quite a successful book for Alterna, and it seems that fans of the books will have plenty to look forward to for a long time to come. During

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