New Alterna Comics Indiegogo Campaign Includes Exclusive Zero Issue of “It Came Out on a Wednesday”

“Because YOU demanded it!”

On Tuesday, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti launched a special crowdfunding campaign celebrating 14 years of the company. Since Trick-or-Treat events are cancelled in many areas this year thanks to the Bat-Soup-Sniffles, this campaign essentially replaces the annual “AlternaWeen” event.

So what’s being offered? Quite a variety of stuff, and according to Simeti, much of it is directly in response to fan demand. Here’s the campaign pitch directly from the Indiegogo campaign page:

Even though Alterna Comics has been around for 14 years, we still need help when it comes to coming up with great ideas for new items, books, and merch.  Luckily, we have some of the most helpful (and creative) readers in all of comics!

Every perk listed here has been directly requested by many of our readers over the past few years. Whether it’s new printings of sold out issues, the return of our red beanie, collector case insert art, blank variant covers, a jersey-style t-shirt, sketch cards, or art commissions — everything on this campaign is because YOU — the reader — demanded it!

We hope you’ll enjoy these items because we can’t make ’em without your help and support!

While the are several perks worth checking out- including shirts, hats, and girthy piles of comics, there are two items most worth highlighting. The first is the customizable Alterna Comics collector cases, which magnetically close (keen!) and can be outfitted with special art inserts featuring the Alterna stories and characters such as Mr. Crypt, Log, Tinseltown, and more. Each case holds 15-18 comic issues, and are designed to look uber-cool on your shelf.

The other perk worth noting is a campaign-exclusive comic, It Came Out on a Wednesday #0, which features a blank cover on uncoated cardstock to which you can add your own haunting image. ICOOAW #0 is a 48-page anthology that reprints past short stories from several Alterna creators, including Tyler Wentland, Ryan Winn, and Simeti himself. (The stories are probably taken from previous Alterna anthologies, such as the IF and Monstrosity series) Simeti promises that this edition of ICOOAW will “not be sold anywhere else once the campaign ends.” So get in while the getting is good!

Interested? You can visit the full Alterna Comics fan appreciation Indiegogo campaign page here.

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