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Ryan Winn’s “Hammerella: Thundersmoke” Strikes on Indiegogo

On Thursday, independent comic book creator Ryan Winn launched a crowdfunding campaign for Hammerella: Thundersmoke, a 48-page action fantasy book intended for all ages. Written, illustrated and colored entirely by Winn, Hammerella is part of the larger Gods and Gears universe currently published by Alterna Comics. Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from the Hammerella Indiegogo campaign page: Are you

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New Alterna Comics Indiegogo Campaign Includes Exclusive Zero Issue of “It Came Out on a Wednesday”

“Because YOU demanded it!” On Tuesday, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti launched a special crowdfunding campaign celebrating 14 years of the company. Since Trick-or-Treat events are cancelled in many areas this year thanks to the Bat-Soup-Sniffles, this campaign essentially replaces the annual “AlternaWeen” event. So what’s being offered? Quite a variety of stuff, and according to Simeti, much of it

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