Review: Midnight Mystery – City of Ghosts (Festival of Dread special)

So I recently went to my LCBS (local comic book shop) to pick up one of these Alterna newsprint books. They have been doing these for a while, and I am considering joining their print partnership program and print my own comics on newsprint.

As I made my way into the store, the only book they had on the shelf from Alterna was Midnight Mystery: City of Ghosts. It’s a mystery… duh. Written by Bernie Gonzalez. I’m not really into comics in the mystery genre, but it didn’t matter. I got this book to get a better idea as to how the newsprint looked.

With any book I buy, I kind of feel the obligation to read it. I am that type of collector. Some guys buy them, bag and board them, stick them in a long lox, and never think about them again until they might be worth money. Not me! I love reading comics. So, I cracked the glossy cover and started reading the book. The first couple of pages didn’t catch me to be honest. However, about 6 to 8 pages deep, it got pretty interesting.

Turns out, I found a new genre of comic that interests me! I won’t give any spoilers at all, but Bernie does a good job with pacing and character building. I am getting the sense that there was a story before this one that I haven’t read but I’m not missing out really. It still flows and I understand what is going on.

The second issue came out this month and I picked it up to see if Bernie could still keep me. Sure enough, I really liked the book.

I encourage you to check out Midnight Mystery: City of Ghosts available through Alterna Comics!


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