Alterna Comics announces price increase starting April 2020

On Friday, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti announced that the entire line of Alterna books would be seeing pricing increases starting in April 2020. Here’s the quick & dirty summary of the changes:

  • Standard comics are increasing from $1.50 to $1.99
  • Reprint issues under the ICYMI label increasing from $0.99 to $1.25
  • Double-sized horror anthology It Came Out on a Wednesday will “hold the line at $1.99”, but the page count will decrease to 32 pages instead of 40-56 pages

Simeti also noted that Alterna books will no longer be receiving multiple printings (excluding the ICYMI line). Instead, the indie publisher intends to print larger first-and-only runs of each book, which will also help Alterna save a bit on operating costs.

Simeti explained that the changes are the result of increasing paper and printing costs, though it’s possible that these decisions are also influenced by Alterna’s recent change in printing companies.

While the price hikes are unlikely to “break the bank” for most customers, it still sucks for Alterna fans who have become accustomed to such miraculously low prices. You can watch Simeti’s full remarks below.

How long do you think Alterna Comics will be able to “hold the line at $1.99?” Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget – Alterna Comics’ Twelve Days of Alterna charity campaign benefiting Toys for Tots is in its final hours. You can get your Alterna swag & support a good cause here.

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