The second printing of Alterna’s “It Came Out on a Wednesday” will only cost $1.50, but there’s a catch

Last week, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti announced on the Alterna YouTube channel that the first issue of horror/sci-fi anthology book would indeed be getting a second printing, and that the new cover price would be only $1.50, down from the first printing’s price of $2.00.

So what’s the catch?

The second printing of It Came Out on a Wednesday issue 1 will be sized down to 32 pages of content, whereas the first printing had a girthy 56 pages. This is the result of several of the anthology’s stories being removed, including Samurai Grandpa by Eastin DeVerna, Bloodfist by Jeremy Massie, and Sleepships by Scott Wilson. The creators of these stories broke ties abruptly with Alterna this summer following a disagreement with Simeti’s customer service-based approach to interacting with fans and consumers over social media, and Simeti is honoring their wishes to not be associated with the Alterna brand.

Still, $1.50 for 32 pages is quite a deal, especially considering that Marvel’s lowest price point for a 22-page comic is $4. Maybe the second printing of It Came Out on a Wednesday will gain an all-new new audience as the “soy-free edition?”

Simeti also made several additional announcements in his video, including which other Alterna comics are selling out at retail, printer changes, and final delivery details for those still waiting for their AlternaWeen t-shirts. It’s been the independent comic publisher’s biggest year ever according to Simeti, and you can watch his full video remarks below.

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