Alterna Comics’ “Legends of Log” to receive one-dollar one-shot in January

For nearly a year, The Legends of Log has been a mainstay of Alterna Comics’ anthology series It Came Out on a Wednesday. But now Alterna is giving the ax-wielding wooden giant his own one-shot book this January. The best part? It will only cost a buck.

Legends of Log follows the adventures of the titular titan Log as he protects the forest from myriad mystical threats, all the while searching for clues to his own creation. This “one-dollar one-shot” will not only collect some previously-published material (presumably taken from It Came Out on a Wednesday), but will also include an all-new story and new cover art.

Are you interested in saving some green while reading Log’s adventures in saving the green? It’s meta-thematically consistent! My wood is raging just thinking about it…

Look for the Legends of Log one-shot at your local comic book store this January, or visit the Alterna Comics online store to order directly from the publisher.

He’s made of wood, bitch!

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