Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti scrambles to find new printing company

On Wednesday, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti announced that the printer he uses for Alterna’s web press needs would not be able to fill Simeti’s orders, though the reason was not specified. This has caused Simeti to enter crisis mode, looking for a new printer on very short short notice.

We reached out to Simeti to get more details on the situation. While he didn’t estimate how how long of an interruption Alterna will face as a result of these printer woes, he did indicate that the problem is only temporary. Simeti also mentioned that he was talking to several printers to fill the gap, with at least two already running estimates for him. It is worth mentioning that Simeti indicated that he was not interested in seeking any printers located in China. (Good on you, Pete)

Simeti (a.k.a. Publishing Pete to some, Saint Peter to others) has long been a proponent of returning comic books to newsstands and other mass-market outlets as a hook to draw new readers into the industry. In May 2017, Alterna introduced comics printed on newsprint “pulp” paper as a way to cut printing costs and pass those savings on to customers. Since then, Alterna has become one of the few success stories to come out of the comic book industry in recent years, built on the back of books that regularly cost between just $1 and $2.

Simeti was quick to thank those in Alterna’s fan base who rushed to suggest new printing companies. Here’s hoping that these collective efforts pay off and Alterna’s projects can get back on schedule as all as possible.

Go Team Comics!

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