Alterna Comics reveals cover art for “Tinseltown” sequel series

Earlier this week, Alterna Comics revealed the cover art for Tinseltown: Losing the Light, the 5-issue follow-up to 2018’s crime drama written by David Lucarelli and illustrated by Henry Ponciano. The writer/artist team is returning for Losing the Light, and are of course joined by regular Alterna letterer Wes Locher (Unit 44).

Unfamiliar with Tinseltown? Here’s a plot summary of the first series taken from Previews World: (Spoilers! Officer Moore survives the events of the first miniseries)

In 1915, Abigail Moore became one of the first female police officers in Hollywood. But beneath the glamorous surface of Tinseltown beats a rotten heart full of corruption, greed, and lies, and Abigail’s about to dive head-first into all of it.

The first issue of Tinseltown: Losing the Light is currently scheduled to release this April for $1.99, and you can pick up your copy either at your local comic shop or directly from Alterna’s online store.

While we all wait for April, you can take a gander at the cover art below, but remember – Officer Moore will shoot you in the face if she catches you ogling her gams.

Try whistling at my “gams” one more time, creep!

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