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All 4 issues of “Tinseltown” mini-series to be reprinted

Alterna Comics has announced that the entire 4-issue mini-series will be going back to print. That means a second print for issues two, three and four, and an impressive third print for issue one, as the first issue of Blood Realm is the only Alterna comic to previously receive a third printing. Tinseltown is written by David Lucarelli and illustrated

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AlternaWeen has arrived at The Splintering! Unboxing our Halloween goodies from Alterna Comics

I recently received my AlternaWeen comics bundle from Alterna Comics, and decided to try my hand at an unboxing video of the package by posting it to YouTube.*   The purpose of the AlternaWeen Indiegogo campaign was to raise money allowing Alterna Comics to expand its distribution channels. The more money raised, the more product Alterna would be able to

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Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti reveals more “Alternaween” details

This week, Alterna founder Peter Simeti took to YouTube to reveal more details on the upcoming Alternaween crowdfunding campaign. The campaign will launch in the next week or so exclusively on Indiegogo (not Kickstarter, as previously teased). Backers who support the Alternaween campaign will be sent bundles of 25 Alterna Comics to be given away as Halloween treats. The comics

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