Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti reveals more “Alternaween” details

This week, Alterna founder Peter Simeti took to YouTube to reveal more details on the upcoming Alternaween crowdfunding campaign. The campaign will launch in the next week or so exclusively on Indiegogo (not Kickstarter, as previously teased). Backers who support the Alternaween campaign will be sent bundles of 25 Alterna Comics to be given away as Halloween treats. The comics themselves will be made up of both “all ages” and “teen” content, nothing that leans towards the more “mature” end of the catalogue.

These randomized bundles will essentially run about 60 cents per comic after shipping if you live in the U.S. There will be an option to choose particular books that you’d like to receive, but that will cost a bit more. Other add-ons will include Alterna branded mugs, t-shirts, stickers, silly putty, beanie hats, and individual treat bags filled with one comic along with several goodies. Simeti also indicated that there will be retailer incentives for comic shops to buy into, whether they choose to sell the books or give them away as Halloween treats.

The intended purpose of the Alternaween Indiegogo campaign is to raise money for Alterna Comics to expand its distribution channels. The more money raised, the more product Alterna will be able to send to these new retailers.

Aside from the Alternaween event, Simeti noted that Alterna will launch an “In Case You Missed It” (ICYMI) line of comics, which are essentially reprints of previous Alterna books intended for distribution in larger book retailers. Each ICYMI title will have a back cover advertisement that includes a “shop locator” – basically a list of local comic book shops that carry Alterna Comics. There will even be an ad inside the books explaining how to set up a comic shop pull list. Smaller comic shops have been struggling recently due to low sales, and Simeti hopes that the ICYMI line will help to drive new consumers to these shops where they can pick up new releases. At the moment, the books to be included in the ICYMI line are Cyko KO, Mr. Crypt, Trespassers, Tinseltown and Zero Jumper.

More information is sure to come out in the near future regarding both Alternaween and the ICYMI comic line. Seeing as how Simeti has been a very busy fellow as of late, we’ll give him a bit of a break if more details are slow to trickle out.

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