Alterna Comics’ Spring Preorder Campaign Now Live on Indiegogo

Spring has sprung!

Over the weekend, Alterna Comics launched a pre-order crowdfunding campaign for their Spring lineup of books. The campaign is well on its way to being fully funded, having raised more than $6 thousand at the time of this writing.

Through the Indiegogo campaign page, you can pick up all six of Alterna’s Spring issues, or simply pick and choose the titles you want. There are also add-on options to pick up previous issues within a series if you want to catch up.

Here’s the full Spring 2022 lineup of available books:

Alterna GIANTS (80 page $4.99 cover price; comics on newsprint):

UNIT 44 Vol.1(Collects issues #1-4 Two bumbling Area 51 agents forget to pay the rent on their storage unit and they have to retrieve the top-secret contents when they’re sold at a public auction. Sci-Fi Action Humor; Wes Locher, Ed Jimenez) (Teen)

Alterna Comics Single Issues ($1.99 cover price; comics on newsprint):

Downcast #5 (Joanne and her brother Jax are on the run from a corrupt government when the power to control gravity falls into their hands. Sci-fi Adventure; Clint Stoker, Ignacio Lazaro, Damian Penalba, Eric Weathers) (Teen)

Mr. Crypt and Friends #3 (of 3) (MR. CRYPT and his best friend BARON RAT have misadventures as they try to make new friends and make the best out of every bad situation. Humor Adventure; Troy Vevasis, Aleksandar Jovic) (All Ages)

TINSELTOWN: Losing the Light #5 (of 5) (1915. Beneath the glamorous surface of Tinseltown, beats a rotten heart full of corruption, greed, and lies. Crime Drama; David Lucarelli, Henry Ponciano, Wes Locher) (Teen)

UNIT 44 #5 (Returning with a NEW artist and a NEW ongoing format! The Blood Moon Cult has moved into town and its ranks are quickly filling up, forcing inept Area 51 Agents Gibson and Hatch to infiltrate the group to uncover their secret plans. Sci-Fi Action Humor; Wes Locher, Aleks Jovic, Andrew Pate, Ed Jimenez) (Teen)

Wulf & Batsy #4 (Wandering from town to town while turning foes into food, WULF and BATSY are just a pair of blood-thirsty monsters looking for a nice place to call home. Horror Adventure; Bryan Baugh) (Mature)

In addition to the comics, there are several Alterna items available as perks or add-ons, including an Alterna Comics logo trading card binder, patches, tote bag, a blank sketch card, a collector’s case, and as we mentioned above, plenty of back issues if you want to catch up.

All physical backers will also receive a new “Alterna Series” trading card, this time featuring Tinseltown’s Officer Abigail Moore, with the potential to unlock a card with Unit 44’s Agent Gibson if the campaign crosses the $10k threshold.

It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $5 for backers in the United States. 

Interested? You can check out a sample cover gallery below, or visit the full Alterna Spring 2022 Pre-order Indiegogo campaign page here.

Thanks for reading!

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