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Alterna Comics is asking for your help to expand, become a distributor

On Tuesday, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti launched a crowdfunding campaign intended to help the independent comic book publisher expand its operation. Alterna has seen quite a boost in sales over the last couple of years, and now Simeti is looking to raise some cash via Indiegogo to give his business room to grow by expanding its storage space and

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Alterna Comics founder has an interesting comic care tip for collectors

As the founder of Alterna Comics, Peter Simeti loves his comic book collection. And as part of his retailer buyback program, he often receives books shipped back to him from comic shops, some of which have some slight folds, creases, or dings. Did you know that you can literary iron out wrinkles in paper using a household iron and board?

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All 4 issues of “Tinseltown” mini-series to be reprinted

Alterna Comics has announced that the entire 4-issue mini-series will be going back to print. That means a second print for issues two, three and four, and an impressive third print for issue one, as the first issue of Blood Realm is the only Alterna comic to previously receive a third printing. Tinseltown is written by David Lucarelli and illustrated

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“Cyko KO!” creator Rob Feldman teases new comic “Dr. Shroud”

Earlier this week, comic book writer/artist Rob Feldman (Cyko KO!) took to social media to tease a potential upcoming project, Dr. Shroud. This book would be a bit of a departure from Feldman’s work on Cyko KO!, which was a family-friendly, fourth-wall breaking superhero miniseries published by Alterna Comics. According to Feldman, Dr. Shroud would feature more mature themes and

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Peter Simeti posts update on Swatting incident; announces changes to Alterna Comics’ livestreams

On Friday night, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti posted a short video featuring updates on his unfortunate Swatting experience earlier in the week. Simeti noted that the investigation was ongoing, and as a result, the livestream during which the Swatting took place is still set to private so that it could be reviewed as evidence. Simeti also asked that those

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Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti asks for calm after being Swatted on livestream

During a YouTube livestream on Wednesday night (now set to private), Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti’s home was raided by police. According to Simeti, someone impersonating him called the police, gave them Simeti’s address, and claimed to have “stabbed my girlfriend and that I was suicidal.” Nobody was physically harmed, and Simeti noted that the police realized very quickly that

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