All of Alterna Comics’ announcements at NYCC

While New York Comic Con has become more focused on movie news and certain companies promoting themselves as a “lifestyle brand”, there are the select few companies who still attend NYCC to celebrate and promote actual comic books.

One such company is indie publisher Alterna Comics, who made several announcements during the NYCC festivities. Not only did they confirm a follow-up to their breakout hit series Blood Realm, but several new titles for 2019 and beyond were also revealed. Some of the details are a bit thin, but it looks as though Alterna has a diverse set of titles to look forward to over the next 18 months or so. Check out the teaser images below to see what Alterna Comics has waiting in their wings.

Red Koi

2-issue samurai adventure miniseries launching August 2019

Red Koi Tyler Wentland Alterna Comics

Tyler Wentland – Writer/illustrator
Nick Welch – Colorist
Wes Locher – Letterer


4-issue action/horror miniseries launching October 2019

Voidwalker Spencer Desmond Alterna Comics

Spencer Desmond – Writer
Kristian Rossi – Illustrator

Can’t Kill Cade

4-issue action miniseries launching November 2019

Can't Kill Cade Spencer Desmond and Mike McSweegan Alterna Comics

Spencer Desmond – Writer
Mike McSweegan – Writer
Kevin Castaniero – Illustrator
Ellie Wright – Colorist


3-issue adventure/horror launching February 2020

Hexed Stephanie Cannon Alterna Comics

Stephanie Cannon – Writer/Creator
Matt Knowles – Writer
Javi Laparra – Artist

There you have it. Quite a girthy offering, no? Which new series do you find the most intriguing? Just one more preview image before we close this out, that being the cover image for the upcoming 3-issue miniseries, The Adventures of Mr. Crypt & Baron Rat, launching in July 2019!

The Adventures of Mr. Crypt and Baron Rat

Is that Bigfoot Bill?

Thanks for reading!

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