“Blood Realm” & “Midnight Mystery” getting second printings

Independent publisher Alterna Comics recently announced that both Midnight Mystery #1 and Blood Realm #3 would be receiving a second print run.

With this announcement, all issues of the three-issue miniseries Blood Realm will have received a second printing. A dark fantasy tale that reads a bit like modern myth, Blood Realm has been quite a successful title for Alterna, particularly with issue number one being their first book to receive not just a second, but a third printing. The indie publisher also confirmed during New York Comic Con that Blood Realm would receive a follow-up series under the subtitle Shadowed Kingdom, scheduled to launch in March.

On the other hand, Midnight Mystery was also a sleeper hit right out of the gate. Drawing inspiration from late comic artist Darwyn Cooke and Batman the Animated Series, writer/artist Bernie Gonzalez describes his Midnight Mystery mini-series as a mix of The X-Files, Supernatural, and film noir.

The second printing of both Midnight Mystery #1 and Blood Realm #3 are scheduled for release on 6 March.

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