Issue 1 of “Blood Realm” becomes first Alterna comic to receive third printing

On Tuesday, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti revealed on the Alterna YouTube channel that issue one of Blood Realm would be the very first Alterna book to receive a third printing.

You can watch Simeti’s full remarks below.

Written and illustrated by Robert Geronimo, Blood Realm is a three-part fantasy/horror mini-series that has become a breakout hit for the independent comics publisher. Both issues one and two of Blood Realm have already received a second printing, and the creators show no signs of slowing down. As part of a larger fantasy world, a new story in the Blood Realm universe was confirmed to be in development earlier this year at New York Comic Con.

Thanks to the sales of Blood Realm, a successful crowdfunding campaign, a dash of controversy, and the industriousness of Semeti himself, 2018 has been the biggest year in Alterna Comics history. Here’s to a bloody New Year and continued success!

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