“Blood Realm” creator Robert Geronimo discusses the series’ future with Alterna Comics

Earlier this week, Blood Realm creator Robert Geronimo joined Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti on the official Alterna YouTube channel to discuss the future of the Blood Realm universe. Blood Realm has been quite a successful book for Alterna, and it seems that fans of the books will have plenty to look forward to for a long time to come.

During the conversation, Geronimo confirmed that the next miniseries set in the Blood Realm universe will be subtitled Iron Hide. In addition, Peter Simeti pretty much confirmed that he was willing to publish as many Blood Realm books as Geronimo cares to create. That’s a pretty nice blank check, eh?

Simeti noted that the first Blood Realm miniseries would be among the initial series to be reprinted as a saddle-stitched, $5 Alterna Giant rather than as a traditional trade paperback. For those looking for a more premium format for their horror/fantasy reading, Geronimo indicated that he intends to launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in the future, which will collect the first several Blood Realm miniseries in what Geronimo describes as a “tome”.

The two creators also talked about inspiration, newsprint (naturally), and whether Geronimo’s status at the creator of the Blood Realm series gives him any “cred” with the metal crowd. It’s a pretty interesting discussion, and you can watch the full livestream conversation with Geronimo below.

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