Happy AlternaWeen! Alterna Comics celebrates a successful Indiegogo campaign

The AlternaWeen crowdfunding campaign came to an end overnight, closing at 208% of the original goal for a total of over $16 thousand.* The purpose of the AlternaWeen Indiegogo campaign was to raise money allowing Alterna Comics to expand its distribution channels. The more money raised, the more product Alterna would be able to send to new retailers.

While backers who supported the Alternaween campaign had the option to pick up Alterna branded t-shirts, mugs, and beanie hats, though the main attraction was the bundles of 50 Alterna Comics designed to be given away as treats to Halloween trick-or-treaters.

Since the campaign surpassed two of its stretch goals, every backer will also receive an Alterna Comics button and tote bag. More importantly, Alterna will be able to pitch their comics to several new retailers, and they will also donate 500 all-ages comics to local libraries in the New England area.

Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti celebrated the final hours of the AlternaWeen campaign by livestreaming on his YouTube channel with several other Alterna creators, which you can watch below.

If you’re bummed about missing the campaign, Peter Simeti noted that AlternaWeen could make a return next year. In the meantime, thousands of kids will be receiving a free comic on Halloween night. How many of those kids will be receiving their very first comic book? Very cool.

Congratulations to everyone on Team Alterna and happy Halloween!

*Disclosure: the author of this post was a contributor to the Alternaween campaign.

Alternaween Poster

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