Peter Simeti posts update on Swatting incident; announces changes to Alterna Comics’ livestreams

On Friday night, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti posted a short video featuring updates on his unfortunate Swatting experience earlier in the week.

Simeti noted that the investigation was ongoing, and as a result, the livestream during which the Swatting took place is still set to private so that it could be reviewed as evidence. Simeti also asked that those who see any suspicious activity online regarding the incident to please screenshot what they find and send the screenshots directly to him.

As far as upcoming livestreams are concerned, Simeti announced that livestream videos hosted on the Alterna Comics YouTube channel will continue, but that they will not be scheduled or advertised in advance. Simeti admits that this could result in lower viewership, but it would also give the criminal(s) responsible for the previous Swatting less opportunity to do so again.

You can watch Simeti’s full remarks below.

“Swatting” is typically used as either a harassment tool or a harsh prank involving deceiving an emergency service into sending police or emergency responders to another person’s address. In Simeti’s case, this was done by someone who called his local police, impersonated Simeti, and claimed to have committed a murder.

Swatting has resulted in some very serious consequences, including injury or death. And for those responsible? In addition to violating local laws, Swatting is also a federal crime. Simply engaging in this kind of hoax can get you 5 years in prison, and if someone gets hurt, you could be looking at 20 years to life.

To read more about Peter Simeti’s Swatting incident, you can read our earlier coverage here.

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