THE MIGHTY MASCOTS revealed as the first 80+ page “Alterna Giant”

During San Diego Comic Con, Alterna Comics revealed that The Mighty Mascots will be the first book published in the “Alterna Giants” line, a new line of 80+ page books priced at just $4.99. All Alterna Giants will collect previously-released issues similar to a trade paperback, and (according to Alterna) will contain “complete arcs, newsprint interiors, new cover art, and a surprise bonus!”

The Mighty Mascots is written by Keith Gleason and featuring illustrations by Ian Waryanto and colors by Anton Bandi. Here’s the elevator pitch for The Mighty Mascots taken from Previews:

Say hello to the weirdest superhero group to ever grace a four-color panel! When a local supermarket becomes ground zero for an evil experiment, the Mighty Mascots race to the scene, but what they find there may bring a quick end to their newfound heroics!

The Alterna Giants edition of The Mighty Mascots is scheduled to ship this November. While there is no information yet on what titles will follow it as part of the Alterna Giants line, but Alterna intends to release a new title each month. May we suggest The Actual Roger?

*Note: Post updated on 18 July to include November shipping date.

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