Alterna Comics is asking for your help to expand, become a distributor

On Tuesday, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti launched a crowdfunding campaign intended to help the independent comic book publisher expand its operation. Alterna has seen quite a boost in sales over the last couple of years, and now Simeti is looking to raise some cash via Indiegogo to give his business room to grow by expanding its storage space and hiring some part-time help.

Here’s a breakdown of the campaign from the Indiegogo page.



We’re Hitting A Growth Spurt! Alterna turns 13 this year, so it’s only fitting that we’ve hit a growth spurt.

In 2016, Alterna turned ten years old and it was a good year.  2017 saw the debut of our $1.50 newsprint single issue line and quickly became our biggest year ever.  2018 came along and smashed 2017 to bits. Now 2019 is on pace to become our best year ever.

All thanks to our wonderful readers and the supportive retailers that have helped us to bring back newsprint and affordable comics in a big way!

We have almost 30 titles in our newsprint line and almost 100 issues. Many of our comics have gone back to print two or three times as we’re trying to keep all issues in stock as much as we can. As a result of all of this growth, our humble storage space is “shrinking” and we need to move to a bigger and better space.

That’s where you come in! Increasing the size of our storage space will allow us to do a few things:

• Larger initial print runs. We can’t sell what we don’t have, but with a bigger storage space, we’ll be able to keep more issues in stock.

• Order shipping supplies in bulk. This will allow us to save money in the long run.

• Upgrading to a state of the art facility. The new facility will also have an indoor loading dock and we’ll be able to receive shipments in any kind of weather. 

• Hire Part-Time help. With more room to work, the right set-up, and better organization, we’ll be able to hire part-timers to help receive shipments, sort and pack orders, and more as we continue to grow.

• Allow us to take the necessary steps to eventually launch Alterna Distribution. We’ve had this planned for a few years now! The first part of the process would be to get a bigger storage space so we can warehouse issues and eventually sell and distribute to readers and retailers.

Those who want to support Alterna’s expansion have several options for doing so. A four-issue bundle of “all-ages”-appropriate comics is $9, while larger bundles of 25, 50 and 100 books are also available for $20, $35 and $65, respectively.

Unsure of what to do with a large bundle of random comics? Simeti encourages being charitable by donating them to kids’ hospitals, libraries or even to comic book shops for Free Comic Book Day in May.

There are also a couple of stretch goals, too. If the Indiegogo campaign reaches $5 thousand, backers will receive a free magnet while Alterna will be able to expand into an even larger storage space. If the campaign raises $8 thousand, backers will receive a signed trading card while Alterna will be able to rent a much larger 10’x20′ space.

Also buried in all of these expansion announcements is Simeti’s plan to become a full-fledged comic book distributor by 2020. While Alterna already maintains direct sales through an Etsy store, becoming a distributor would mean that Alterna would have its own network of retailers to market products to. These sales would not be limited to Alterna, either, as Simeti noted that other indie comic creators could submit their books to Alterna for distribution. This could be quite a market disruptor given that comic book distribution is currently monopolized by a single company, Diamond.

Interested in pitching in? You can visit Alterna’s Indiegogo campaign here. If you need more convincing, you can watch Simeti discuss the campaign in a launch livestream below.



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