Clint Stoker’s “Downcast” to be published by Alterna Comics

Over the weekend, Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti and Downcast creator Clint Stoker announced that both Downcast and Downcast Wrize and Fall will in fact be published under the Alterna label.

Alterna will publish the full Downcast arc in four issues, with the original Downcast being split into issues 1 & 2 and Wrize and Fall being issues 3 & 4. All four books will be printed on Alterna’s trademark newsprint paper stock.

Simeti hinted at a partnership with Stoker in a livestream announcing Alterna Distribution back in August 2019, but when we contacted him for clarification, Simeti insisted that his mentioning of Downcast was merely hypothetical (Pete, you sly dog).

What does this mean for Indiegogo backers of the Downcast projects? Not much. Backers of the first Downcast have already received their books. Wrize and Fall is still crowdfunding via Indiegogo, but backers will still receive their books in a graphic novel format on high-quality paper stock. Other bonuses including The Classified History of Strata and other behind the scenes materials will be 100% exclusive for Indiegogo backers as the Alterna versions will only reprint the main story.

This is a big step in the world of crowdfunding. Alterna has already announced that Josh Howard’s crowdfunded superhero book T-Bird and Throttle would be joining the publisher’s 2020 lineup. With so many other great projects gathering an audience through crowdfunding (particularly on Indiegogo), it’s exciting to see these independent comics find new readers through more traditional means of distribution.

Interested in backing the Downcast: Wrize and Fall Indiegogo campaign? You can do so right here.

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