The manga-inspired “KAYAS” poised to establish a massive fantasy universe

Former tattoo artist and aspiring comic book creator Ryan Cardinal is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign for KAYAS: a Story of Blood and Stone in May.

KAYAS is a 48-page, black and white action/fantasy comic intended as the first part of a massive (over one thousand pages) series filled with “high-impact action, martial arts mayhem, swords, sorcery, monsters and the spirit of adventure.”

You can watch the action-packed launch trailer below (featuring a rockin’ music track reminiscent of Lords of Thunder).

Want to see more? Cardinal is giving prospective backers a chance to check out the first few pages for free by signing up for email updates through the pre-campaign page.

KAYAS: a Story of Blood and Stone is scheduled to launch on 7 May via Indiegogo. In the meantime, you can check out some sample artwork below or receive email updates and see much more of the book for yourself by signing up here.

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