Mark Poulton’s & Jon Malin’s “Graveyard Shift” fully funded on Indiegogo; stretch goals announced

On Monday, the crowdfunding campaign for Graveyard Shift launched via Indiegogo. The project has already hit the ground running, achieving full funding in just over an hour, raising more than $18 thousand at the time of this writing.

Graveyard Shift is a 46-page graphic novel described as “the Universal Monsters meets the X-Men,” and helmed by two comic industry veterans, writer Mark Poulton (The Savage Hawkman) and artist Jon Malin (Cable, Jawbreakers). In addition to the main Graveyard Shift book, the Indiegogo campaign will also fund a 16-page “ashcan” mini-comic by artist Nerd Wonder. The ashcan will still be based on the Graveyard Shift characters, but the comic will be a lighter interpretation of the universe similar to Teen Titans Go!

Graveyard Shift comes hot on the heels of Malin’s recent success with Jawbreakers: Lost Souls,* which amassed nearly $400 thousand since launching on Indiegogo.

Here’s a breakdown of the project from the Graveyard Shift Indiegogo page:

Scientists Vladimir Blud, Lillith Mayhew and her husband, head of security Mick Mayhew are working on advance human regeneration for the mysterious Atlantis Corporation.

Betrayed, murdered and put into their own experiments they are reborn with super human abilities, they are the Graveyard Shift and they are all that can stop a rising supernatural evil from taking over the world!

Backers can get a copy of Graveyard Shift starting at $25, while those who offer up more cash get more perks in return, including a t-shirt, extra copies of the book, a convention-exclusive preview book, and the 16-page ashcan comic by Nerd Wonder. It should also be noted that all copies of the graphic novel will be signed by both Poulton and Malin.

The early success of the Graveyard Shift project has also inspired the first stretch goal. If funding surpasses $20 thousand (and it almost certainly will), all copies of the graphic novel will have an upgraded cover including a squared off spine. Jon Malin has indicated that he would like to do more stories set in the Graveyard Shift universe, and that the success of this Indiegogo project will help determine the prospects for those future projects.

You can check out some sample pages below, or visit the full Graveyard Shift Indiegogo page here.

Graveyard Shift Indiegogo Sample Page

Graveyard Shift Indiegogo creature in test tube Sample Page

Graveyard Shift Indiegogo man searching tomb Sample Page

Graveyard Shift Indiegogo marine creature comes to surface Sample Page

*Note: the author of this post is a backer of the Jawbreakers: Lost Souls Indiegogo campaign

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