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“Jawbreakers Vs. Cyberfrog” announced!… as a coloring book by artist Nerd Wonder

There’s been a lot of big talk between Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver and Jawbreakers creator Ya Boi Zack surrounding who would win in a fight between their respective creations. It looks like we’ll all get to find out for ourselves in early 2020 when Jawbreakers Vs Cyberfrog arrives in our mailboxes as… a 50-page coloring book by artist Nerd

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Mark Poulton’s & Jon Malin’s “Graveyard Shift” fully funded on Indiegogo; stretch goals announced

On Monday, the crowdfunding campaign for Graveyard Shift launched via Indiegogo. The project has already hit the ground running, achieving full funding in just over an hour, raising more than $18 thousand at the time of this writing. Graveyard Shift is a 46-page graphic novel described as “the Universal Monsters meets the X-Men,” and helmed by two comic industry veterans,

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