“Jawbreakers Vs. Cyberfrog” announced!… as a coloring book by artist Nerd Wonder

There’s been a lot of big talk between Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver and Jawbreakers creator Ya Boi Zack surrounding who would win in a fight between their respective creations. It looks like we’ll all get to find out for ourselves in early 2020 when Jawbreakers Vs Cyberfrog arrives in our mailboxes as… a 50-page coloring book by artist Nerd Wonder.


That’s right. The titans of crowdfunded comics will finally do battle in coloring book form, and Nerd Wonder is responsible for bringing the project to life. Having worked with Graveyard Shift creator Jon Malin on his Lil’ Graveyard Shift: Bite-Sized Heroes ashcan book, the celebrated chibi artist Nerd Wonder will be handling both the story and art of the Jawbreakers Vs Cyberfrog coloring book, though Van Sciver and Ya boi Zack (aka Richard C. Meyer) are setting a few plot parameters.


Nerd Wonder’s take on Jon Malin’s “Graveyard Shift”

Here’s the book’s plot summary as we know it so far.

After falling through a mysterious portal while searching for their pet, Splatto del Gato, the Jawbreakers come across the monstrous Cyberfrog and assume he is responsible for their friend’s disappearance. After what is described as an epic battle with a definitive winner, the Jawbreakers and Cyberfrog realize that Splatto del Gato was in fact snatched by the “No Profit Clan”, an evil group led by a blue-feathered songbird whose name is being kept secret for the time being.

The Jawbreakers Vs Cyberfrog project is intentionally being designed as “all-ages-friendly,” but there should be plenty to Please older fans, too. There are also plans for other independent comic characters to make an appearance, including Mike S. Miller’s Lonestar, George Peter Gatsis’ Joe King, Nasser Rabadi’s Trixie Cain, Benjamin Henderson’s Offworlder, Martina Markota’s Lady Alchemy, Dark Santana from Antonio Brice’s Brand, and of course, Cecil. “Hello!” Given the number of characters listed, I have to imagine that these “guest appearances” are rather brief, if not merely Easter-egg-level.

Jawbreakers_Vs Cyberfrog_Nerd Wonder_Silkworm_The Splintering

Nerd Wonder’s Silkworm

While it may not be exactly what fans were asking for, an all-ages Jawbreakers Vs Cyberfrog coloring book headlining Nerd Wonder not only introduces these characters to a younger audience, but it keeps both Van Sciver and Ya boi Zack free to focus on their many other projects.

What do you think? Is this the right direction for the Jawbreakers and Cyberfrog brands to take? You can watch the full reveal livestream video here.

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  • I’d actually like to see a Jawbreakers/Black crossover. I have it written in my head already, but I’ll never have the time to do it. 😦

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