“Joe King” Indiegogo campaign ends successfully; still available in-demand

On Monday, the Indiegogo campaign for Joe King vs. World’s Greatest Averagehero ended successfully, raising 182% of its goal for a total of $910. It may not have been the loftiest funding goal, but all flavors of success are sweet.

Written and illustrated by Canadian comic creator George Peter Gatsis, Joe King is a 32-page superhero parody graphic novel seemingly starring Super Grover.

Here’s a summary of the Joe King project taken from the Indiegogo campaign page.

“JOE KING is a family friendly humor adventure making fun of STAR WARS, STAR TREK, ORVILLE with a SUPERHERO twist and a whole lot of CHUCK JONES sprinkled throughout.

“In this “episode”: Ordering pizza and having it delivered while on a mission to save all of creation from the BEYOND, is always a challenge…

“In a world riddled with anger and righteous revenge, JOE KING comic brings humour and critical analysis of what it takes to be a superhero, and more important WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE SURE you are there to accept the pizza delivery when it arrives.

“A good tip is highly advisable. Especially when the TIMELY PIZZA DELIVERY SERVICE ventures into the battle zone for the said, “tip.”

Sorry that you missed out? You’re not completely out of luck. Even though the crowdfunding period is over, the Joe King Indiegogo page has now transitioned to an in-demand store. You won’t be able to get any of the variant cover editions of the book, but you can still pre-order a standard edition of Joe King for a limited time.

You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Joe King Indiegogo page here.

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