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The World’s Greatest AverageHero Returns in “Joe King Book 2” (Crowdfunding Spotlight)

Last week, independent comic book creator George Peter Gatsis launched a crowdfunding campaign for Joe King Book 2, a 120-page sci-fi superhero sequel starring “the world’s greatest averagehero” who looks to be a cross between Cookie Monster and Superman. What kind of audience is Joe King created for? According to the book’s Indiegogo campaign page, Joe King is for fans

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“Joe King” Indiegogo campaign ends successfully; still available in-demand

On Monday, the Indiegogo campaign for Joe King vs. World’s Greatest Averagehero ended successfully, raising 182% of its goal for a total of $910. It may not have been the loftiest funding goal, but all flavors of success are sweet. Written and illustrated by Canadian comic creator George Peter Gatsis, Joe King is a 32-page superhero parody graphic novel seemingly

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