Internet comedian Cecil joins Ethan Van Sciver’s upcoming “Reignbow Brute” comic as co-writer

During a YouTube livestream on his Comic Artist Pro Secrets channel, comic book artist and YouTube talk show host Ethan Van Sciver invited a fellow YouTube personality known publicly as “Cecil” to co-write his upcoming comic, Reignbow Brute (tentative title).

Cecil immediately responded, “Done.”

Cecil was caught off guard earlier this week after his collaborative project Cash Grab was abandoned by artist Timothy Lim and co-writer Nerkish. Both Lim and Nerkish appear content to let Cecil move on with the project on his own, however Cecil has criticized their handling of the separation, plainly calling it a “back stab.” Lim and Nerkish made the announcement publicly via social media without any prior discussions with Cecil that they wanted to break ties on the project.

The Cash Grab graphic novel was a highly anticipated project with Ethan Van Sciver’s YouTube audience, as Cecil is a regular, fan-favorite guest on Van Sciver’s livestreams. Van Sciver is the creative mastermind behind the breakout success Cyberfrog: Blood Honey, which became the most successful crowdfunded comic book of all time earlier this year. Sounds like there’s a lot of potential cash to be grabbed if everything works out well.

Reignbow Brute artwork Ethan Van Sciver

Reignbow Brute is described as an action/parody of Rainbow Brite and other 80s properties including the Care Bears and My Little Pony (Reignbow Brute’s horse is even named “My Girthy Stallion”). Van Sciver’s 25 years drawing superheroes certainly makes him up to the task of creating an action-packed book, but the addition of Cecil as co-writer will likely add an extra degree of sardonic humor to an already farcical premise.

There’s still plenty of details left to iron out between Cecil and Van Sciver, so their partnership on the Reignbow Brute project could fall apart just as completely the Cash Grab collaboration did. Let’s all cross our fingers that there’s less back-stabbingness to go around, if that does happen.

Ethan Van Sciver is planning to launch the Reignbow Brute crowdfunding campaign exclusively on Indiegogo in early 2019.

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