“Cyberfrog” 90s collected edition begins crowdfunding in September

Earlier this week, renowned comic book creator Ethan Van Sciver announced that a crowdfunding campaign for a hardcover, collected edition of the original 1990s Cyberfrog comics would launch on Indiegogo this September.

This $40 hardbound edition will not only collect the original run of Cyberfrog for Harris Comics, but Van Sciver has also indicated that the book will also include several rare and never-before-seen artwork retrieved from the Harris Comics vaults. It is important to note that this new book will not be presented in an oversized “artist’s edition”, and instead will retain the dimensions of the original comics.

This collection is part of a recent Cyberfrog revival which follows the very successful crowdfunding campaigns for the Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney reboot, which is poised to ship in the coming weeks after raising roughly $800 thousand via Indiegogo.

Van Sciver has previously suggested that his 80s parody Reignbow the Brute would be his next book project, but that seems to be on hold for the time being. Perhaps this is due to his writing partner Cecil recently being stricken homeless. Do you have room for Cecil? Does your liquor cabinet?

Are you keen on a girthy, hardback edition of Van Sciver’s old Cyberfrog work? Let us know in comments!

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