Ethan Van Sciver teases future comic project: “Bastardized”

On recent livestream, renowned comic book creator Ethan Van Sciver revealed plans for an upcoming comic book project titled Bastardized, a zombie apocalypse-esque story in which people infected by “bastardization” don’t turn into zombies, rather they become very angry, belligerent- well- bastards. Sounds timely.

Can anyone spot the colorist’s mistake?

Van Sciver originally intended to publish the book under DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint 2010. Van Sciver even went as far as to partner with writer Joe Harris to pen the book, though Van Sciver wasn’t completely satisfied with the direction of the book and so it was shelved. Now that he’s started his own independent comic publishing company in ALL CAPS, Van Sciver intends to resurrect the idea in the not-so-near future.

Not-so-near? Considering that Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney has yet to ship following a series of delays, plus Van Sciver’s intention of at least publishing both Reignbow the Brute and an omnibus-style Cyberfrog: Warts and All, it’s safe to say that Bastardized is much more of a back-burner project.

You can watch Van Sciver‘s full livestream here (or jump ahead to the 1:53:30 mark if you’re only interested in Bastardized), or check out a couple of the original cover designs from several years ago above and below.

Bitch!… I mean, bastardess!

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