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The final page of “Cyberfrog: Blood Honey” is due today; will Ethan Van Sciver meet the deadline?

In an effort to speed up completion of his Cyberfrog: Blood Honey graphic novel, writer/artist Ethan Van Sciver hired an editor who put a hard deadline of 30 April (today) for Van Sciver’s work on the 88-page book to be finished.* As of today, Van Sciver is to turn over the final pages of Blood Honey so that they can

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“Jawbreakers Vs. Cyberfrog” announced!… as a coloring book by artist Nerd Wonder

There’s been a lot of big talk between Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver and Jawbreakers creator Ya Boi Zack surrounding who would win in a fight between their respective creations. It looks like we’ll all get to find out for ourselves in early 2020 when Jawbreakers Vs Cyberfrog arrives in our mailboxes as… a 50-page coloring book by artist Nerd

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Ethan Van Sciver’s “Bro White” book begins to take shape

Renowned comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver is already riding high on the continued success of Cyberfrog: Blood Honey and the promise of his upcoming satire book Reignbow Brute. It seems as though another brainchild had been gestating in his bizarre imagination: Bro White and the Seven Beyotches. Originally dreamed up as a joke response to Kristen Bell’s garbage-tier take

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Ethan Van Sciver’s “Cyberfrog” is back on Indiegogo, fully funded in 20 minutes

Ethan Van Sciver must really be feeling the pain of those New Jersey state taxes, because the wildly successful graphic novel Cyberfrog: Blood Honey is back on Indiegogo. Or, as Van Sciver tells it, Blood Honey is now nearly finished, and he wanted to give everyone one last chance to purchase a copy of the book before it goes to

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After “Cyberfrog: Blood Honey” – Ethan Van Sciver details the future of All Caps Comics

Comic artist and Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver has made some very big announcements his Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube channel regarding the future of the Cyberfrog brand and his independent business venture, All Caps Comics. First and foremost, Van Sciver has hired an editor to assist with the Cyberfrog: Blood Honey project. Part of this editor’s job is to

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Mythological fantasy comic “Icarus and the Sun” flying high on Indiegogo, raises $300k on first day

Brazilian artist Gabriel Picolo unleashed Icarus and the Sun on Indiegogo this week, and the 60-page graphic novel immediately soared past the $300 thousand (yes, $300,000) mark in 24 hours. That incredible total places Icarus and the Sun within striking distance of Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog: Blood Honey as the most successful crowdfunded comic book of all time. But what

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