Cyberfrog Action Figures Coming Soon to Indiegogo

Renowned comic book creator, ALL CAPS Comics founder and self-proclaimed “human sunbeam” Ethan Van Sciver is preparing to expand upon his recent crowdfunding success by launching an action figure line based on his Cyberfrog comic book characters.

The first wave will include the titular Cyberfrog himself (in both modern and retro 90s variant), Heather Swain, and the villainous Vyzpzz. Each 6-inch figure will come with a variety of accessories, including weapons, honey comb display stand, and interchangeable heads and hands. There are also plans to include a bonus Cyberfrog comic book, as well.

Left: 90s Froggy, Right: Modern Froggy

The starting price for the Cyberfrog and Heather Swain figures will be $40, while the girthier Vyzpzz will start at $60. If the crowdfunding campaign goes well, new features and accessories will be unlocked, and possibly even additional figure variants, too (i.e. a translucent Cyberfrog). Be ready to pay an additional shipping charge, too.

Additional waves of figures are also in the works, including more of the book’s villains and Cyberfrog’s beastly blue brother, Salamandroid, but those will only be possible if this first wave of figures proves to be financially viable.

The campaign is currently scheduled to launch on Independence Day (that’s 4 July 2021, for all y’all non-American types). You can check out the announcement trailer below, or sign up for email updates on the Cyberfrog action figure Indiegogo pre-launch page here. If you do sign up before the campaign goes live, you’ll receive a bonus Chik-N Fry bucket and chicken fist accessory if you choose to back the project.

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