ALL CAPS Comics’ CyberFrog Toy Line is Live

Over the holiday weekend, renowned comic book creator and ALL CAPS Comics founder Ethan Van Sciver launched a crowdfunding campaign for the first wave of action figures based on his popular CyberFrog comic book series.

Here’s the official pitch taken from the Indiegogo campaign page:


We’ve been on a nice winning streak with ALL CAPS COMICS campaigns lately. The success of our comics is undisputed, with CYBERFROG: BLOODHONEY, CYBERFROG 2: REKT PLANET and CYBERFROG: WARTS AND ALL breaking crowdfunded comics records.

Our customers love our comics, and we love you! It feels like a good time to take a great big step together! I’ve been working on a line of high quality action figures for the last year, and we’re ready to go to production.

Well, we’re ready to go to production if I can get your support!

These action figures that I’ve got cookin’ are fantastic. They’re competitive with anything you might find on store shelves right now. They’re 1/12 scale, like Hasbro’s MARVEL LEGENDS toys. They’re highly detailed, beautifully painted, and are super articulated! With your help, I can make this dream a reality!

Backers have four different figures to choose from:

  • Modern CyberFrog – $40
  • 90s CyberFrog – $40
  • Heather Swain – $40
  • Vyzpzz (I actually remembered how to spell it!) – $ 70

There’s also a bonus Heather Swain variant wearing an ALL CAPS Comics t-shirt for those who purchase the entire set, and for $10 extra, you can have Van Sciver autograph your toys (available at checkout). It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $15 for those in the United States.

At the time of this writing, the campaign has raised more than $200 thousand of its $400 thousand funding goal. If certain stretch goals are met, then each figure will come with additional accessories including a display stand, swappable heads and hands, weapons, a bonus comic book, and more. (C’mon, just give us the comic, EVS!)

Do these figures have you jumping? You can hop over to Indiegogo and check out the full CyberFrog action figure campaign here.

The ALL CAPS Heather Swain Variant

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