ALL CAPS COMICS’ “CyberFrog: Dark Harvest” Raises $40k and Counting (Crowdfunding Spotlight)

Earlier this week, renowned comic book creator and YouTube personality Ethan Van Sciver launched a crowdfunding campaign for CyberFrog: Dark Harvest, which offers three separate CyberFrog books that include reprinted, remastered, and all-new material (depending on what you pick up).

Like many of Van Sciver’s previous crowdfunded projects, the Dark Harvest campaign is already a strong success, having raised roughly $40 thousand at the time of this writing.

Here’s the official pitch taken from the CyberFrog: Dark Harvest Indiegogo campaign page:


This will be a 20 page Preview Book of CYBERFROG 3: RED EXTERMINATION. Not unlike the preview book we did for CYBERFROG 2: REKT PLANET.

The content will be ten pages of colored and lettered art. The first four pages will be EXCLUSIVE to this book. Then we’ll repeat the art as line art, and we’ll have a section in the back with Dale Keown’s sketch work for the cover art.

If it sells well enough, we’ll do it with a foil enhanced cover!


One of our most popular series has been CYBERFROG: UNFROGETTABLE TALES. We know this, because it’s sold out! Issue #3, which features a lost CyberFrog tale that NEVER SAW PRINT before has become a rarity that commands $200 on eBay. I have half a dozen copies stored away for myself, but that’s it! The book is GONE. (and you can’t have mine!)

UNFROGETTABLE TALES are remastered, colored and relettered versions of the very first CyberFrog stories from Hall of Heroes Comics. My earliest work! The original books are impossible to find, and very expensive. Because of your help, we had the filed colored by master KYLE RITTER, and lettered by the incredible ERIC WEATHERS, and frankly the end result looks like it could have seen print yesterday!

The first 3 books tell the story of Ben Riley, AKA DeathFly, and also feature a rare, early incarnation of Heather Swain. They’ve never been collected before, and I think they’re worthy of hardcover format.

I’d also like to include the four pages that were completed for what would have been the next book from Hall of Heroes, that were previously printed in FROGAPALOOZA ZINE.


We’re sold out of all of the CYBERFROG: BLOODHONEY Chromium books, and I’m pretty sure there will be a demand for more, once people begin to receive their chromium REKT PLANET comics! My favorite of the 3 Bloodhoney covers NEVER GOT CHROME TREATMENT. I don’t know why. (I do!… but I won’t reopen that particular wound- BW) But we should fix that.

I’d like to make a chrome edition of CYBERFROG #1 with this cover, please. The book itself will contain all of BLOODHONEY and 1998: THE DIARY OF HEATHER SWAIN with a few corrective edits (thanks to some internet proofreaders out there!) and a better cover logo treatment than the first book had.

This is the best, most iconic CyberFrog piece to date, and I’d love to celebrate it ALL CAPS COMICS style. It’ll be the best version of the book to date, if I can have your help!

Backers can get a copy of Dark Harvest for $20, Unfrogettable Tales HC for $40, and the Bloodhoney chromium team-up for $25. If you have more green to spend, you can also receive the following tchotchkes and extras:

  • Multiple copies of the books
  • Signed copies
  • A CyberFrog: Rekt Planet Deleted Scenes book
  • A CyberFrog: Bloodhoney collector’s box

It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $8 for those in the United States.

Interested? You can check out the cover artwork below or visit the full CyberFrog: Dark Harvest Indiegogo campaign page here.

Thanks for reading!

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