Ethan Van Sciver’s “CyberFrog: Warts and All” Crosses $200k Within Hours

But frogs don’t have warts, dummy!

On Sunday, renowned comic book creator Ethan Van Sciver launched a crowdfunding campaign for CyberFrog: Warts and All, a girthy compendium featuring all of the CyberFrog stories that predate the record-breaking Bloodhoney and Rekt Planet books. At the time of this writing, the project has already raised $200 thousand after just a few hours. That’s nigh-instantaneous “Six Figures Bitch”!

Here’s the official breakdown of the book from the Warts and All Indiegogo campaign page:

The MASSIVE crowdfunding success of CYBERFROG: BLOODHONEY and CYBERFROG 2: REKT PLANET have lead to curiosity about the early issues of CYBERFROG that I wrote and drew from 1993-1998! Those books are scarce, and when you can find them, they’re usually very expensive!

I’ve taken the two earliest comics, colored them and re-lettered them, and released them to much success with CYBERFROG: UNFROGETTABLE TALES, but fans have called for a complete, exhaustive collection. And I listen to fans!

This campaign features a hardcover collection of EVERY CyberFrog project from those early years, unaltered, unimproved…just as they were originally presented, but in a much nicer format. That means the issues that were originally in black and white will stay in black and white, and the issues that were in color, will be represented in their original color!

The book contains:

Hall of Heroes CYBERFROG #1 and #2, plus Hall of Heroes Presents #0, CYBERFROG #1-4, CYBERFROG: RESERVOIR FROG #1-2, CYBERFROG #0, SALAMANDROID ZINE, CYBERFROG vs. CREED, AMPHIBIONIX #1-2, and every short story, interview, pin up, variant cover…we’re even putting the house advertisements in here! It’s going to be as complete as we can possibly make it! Plus, I’ve done a new wraparound cover for it, to make it as presentable as possible!

And because the writing and drawing work was already finished 25 years ago, I don’t have to pay myself to do it! And that means we can offer you this beautiful tome for $30.

Backers can get hardcover copy of Warts and All for $30, but there’s also a long list of extras that can be picked up, including a slipcase, a CyberFrog fanzine, reprint editions of Unfrogettable Tales, a metal miniature figure, and ALL CAPS COMICS attire.

You can visit the full CyberFrog: Warts and All Indiegogo campaign here.

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