One more chance to get Ethan Van Sciver’s “Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney”

Overnight, renowned comic book creator and YouTube talk show host Ethan Van Sciver launched the “2nd Chance Cyberfrog” crowdfunding campaign (which is oddly named as this is the fifth time that Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney has been available on Indiegogo in one form or another). This latest campaign is intended to sell through the very last copies of Bloodhoney and the supplementary ashcan books which Van Sciver has left over from the previous campaigns. It’s also an opportunity for Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney to collectively cross the $1 million threshold, making it certified “Seven figures, motherfucker!”*

Here’s the official pitch from the “2nd Chance” Indiegogo page:

I’m Ethan Van Sciver!  As we close out the CYBERFROG BLOODHONEY campaigns and everything ships out, I’m offering a second chance on the books that are left over!

I’ve got 800 SALAMANDROID CHROMIUM books, the rarest of all of the variants, and PLENTY of CYBERFROG 1998: THE DIARY OF HEATHER SWAIN ashcans, which will come with the AMPHIBIONIX ashcan as well!  If you missed the ashcan, it’s a new 20 page story about how HEATHER SWAIN survives the invasion, and shouldn’t be missed!

CYBERFROG Chromium covers will be available in a different campaign, probably later.  It turns out that I’m going to have fewer of those available, but I’ll try to offer what I have to you when all returns and replacements are processed!

Books will ship in January of 2020!

I’ll leave this campaign up for ten days, or for as long as supplies last!

Backers can currently get the rare Salamandroid chromium cover for $50, while the two-issue ashcan set is $25. You can pick up the whole shebang for- wait for it- $75.

Are you looking to grab the rare Salamandroid variant cover? Did you neglect to pick up the ashcan books the first time around? Do you just want to help uncle Ethan reach “seven figures, motherfucker”? You can check out the 2nd Chance Cyberfrog Indiegogo campaign here. For more of our coverage of everything Cyberfrog, click here.

Written & illustrated by Van Sciver, colors by Kyle Ritter

*Note: Some have tried to retcon the “six figures, bitch!” as “six figures, young lady” and “seven figures, motherfucker!” as “seven figures, bitch!” after complaints from… I dunno… some whiny, bitch-made motherfuckers. Here at The Splintering, we don’t bend the knee to hurt feelings over words that people don’t like.

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