“Vampirella #1” Cyberfrog variant available now on Indiegogo

On Friday night, renowned comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver launched a crowdfunding campaign for a variant edition of Vampirella #1 featuring Van Sciver’s own Cyberfrog character alongside Vampi herself.

Here’s the sales pitch from Van Sciver:

I’m ETHAN VAN SCIVER.  I’ve worked for 26 years for Hall of Heroes, Harris Comics, Marvel Comics and most notably DC Comics, creating the Emotional Spectrum for GREEN LANTERN, as well as important books like FLASH REBIRTH and SINESTRO CORPS WAR!

Now I’m working independently, creating massively anticipated new titles like REIGNBOW THE BRUTE and yes, CYBERFROG BLOODHONEY.*

This time I’m bringing you a red hot cover, but with a FOIL ENHANCED LOGO!  I love this stuff!  Back in the 90’s, we used to make our comics more fun by adding fun gimmicks to the covers.  Hardly anyone does that anymore.

But I do!  This comic will be BEAUTIFUL!  The foil will come in RED, GOLD or SILVER options!  Or just get the book in black and white with no logo at all!

This is the first issue of VAMPIRELLA’s ongoing new series!  Get your copy with two big bonuses: CYBERFROG and a foil enhanced logo!

Backers can choose from several versions of the cover featuring colors by Kyle Ritter (with either foil logos or an art-only version), each priced at $20. A black and white edition will run you $18 if you prefer to have a copy featuring only the line art. If you have a bit more cash to spend, there are also options to buy signed copies, head sketches, or bundles of all the available covers. If you aren’t interested in the book and just want the artwork, there is also an option to pick up an 18″ x 24″ poster to hang on the ceiling above your bed.

While Van Sciver previously crowdfunded a variant cover for Vampirella Vs Reanimator #1, this particular variant cover is for issue 1 of Dynamite Comics’ 2019 Vampirella reboot by Christopher Priest and Ergün Gündüz. It’s important to note that Cyberfrog will not appear in the pages of the story. These variant editions will only have new covers featuring Van Sciver’s characters alongside Vampirella.

Interested? Hop on over to Indiegogo and pick up your own Vampirella #1 Cyberfrog variant edition here.

*Note: Admitting my embarrassment of just now realizing that “Bloodhoney” is meant to be written as a single word.

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