“Vampirella” reboot exceeds 130k orders; breaks sales records for publisher Dynamite Comics

The biggest comic of July 2019 may not be Batman, Spider-Man, or The Walking Dead, it could very well be Vampirella.

Dynamite Comics has announced that their upcoming Vampirella #1 is the company’s best-selling debut of all-time, with the initial print run totaling more than 130,000 copies. That also makes it the best-selling Vampirella book in the character’s 50-year history. This includes orders through Diamond, specialty retailers, and creator exclusive covers.

Written by Eisner-nominated author Christopher Priest and featuring artwork by Ergün Gündüz, this new Vampirella is a series reboot celebrating the 50th anniversary of the character, complete in her classic costume.

Such a successful rollout has to be gratifying for Dynamite Comics. The company was recently attacked online for working with Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver on his Vampirella Vs Reanimator variant covers, while Vampirella writer Christopher Priest deflected a blatant attempt by Newsarama to turn an standard interview into an ideologically-motivated hit piece.

It seems that Dynamite’s comic-buying customer base either doesn’t care about the opinions of 12 weirdos on the Internet, or they are explicitly rewarding Dynamite for sticking to their guns. With record-breaking sales at these levels, the latter is pretty likely.

12 weirdos….

Dynamite is taking other consumer-friendly measures, including making both the first and second issues returnable for retailers. This means that while other comic titles that don’t sell are destined to languish in back-issue boxes or to be sold at a loss for comic shops, unsold Vampirella books can be returned to Dynamite for a refund.

Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming Vampirella series:

“We cannot express enough how appreciative we are for the support from fans, retailers as well as support from retailers outside of the direct market and talent who have created covers for their own sales, we knew we had a great creative team on this title with the incredible Christopher Priest being complemented by the lush art of Ergün Gündüz, and breathtaking covers to match. The 50th anniversary will only happen once, so everything had to be perfect. Everyone from the creative team, editorial, and sales & marketing worked hard together at all levels to make this a success. It’s incredibly gratifying to get such a welcoming response back.”

Vampirella #1 features several variant covers by artists including Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Frank Cho and Joe Jusko. Future variant covers of later issues will highlight artwork by other acclaimed artists, included Artgerm Lau (Issue #2) and J. Scott Campbell (Issue #3). Dynamite is also teasing an upcoming cover as “the final professional work of a legend.” Of course, there will also be cosplay variants each month too, which is a Dynamite Comics tradition at this point.

Already have Vampirella #1 preordered? Don’t forget that the deadline to preorder issue #2 is Thursday, 27 June. You can also order directly from Dynamite Comics’ website here.

Source: Comics Beat


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