Billy Tucci’s Shi shares an anniversary variant with Dynamite Comics’ “Vampirella”

Earlier this week, Dynamite Entertainment launched a crowdfunding campaign for a special, double-anniversary variant of Vampirella #1 featuring cover art by renowned comic book creator Billy Tucci (Zombie Sama). These limited edition covers feature Tucci’s own Shi character alongside Vampi herself.

Here’s the pitch straight from the Indiegogo campaign page:

It’s Vampirella’s 50th anniversary this year, and the newest comic series has sold a record-breaking 80,000+ copies to date! Billy Tucci, the Eisner award winner and creator of SHI, is excited to join Vampirella’s 50th anniversary by offering his own cover design directly to his fans and exclusively on Indiegogo!

Billy is a dear friend of ours, with many Dynamite covers to his name. When the new Vampirella series became a runaway success, Billy wanted to know how he could help make this series even bigger and we both agreed a limited edition cover would make a great “love letter” to our most iconic character. And when you combine Vampirella with his beloved creation, Shi, you’re really got something special!

Vampirella #1 hit store shelves on July 17th with an amazing 130,000+ copies sold and it continues to sell across the world! Written by Christopher Priest, with interior art by Ergun Gunduz, the new Vampirella is the “IT” book to read this summer.

Supplement your summer reading with Billy Tucci’s Vampirella/Shi cover being offered exclusively on INDIEGOGO and no where else!

Backers can pick up one of the standard anniversary variants starting at $20. For those with more cash to throw around, there are other options available, including signed copies, a “virgin” variant cover (without the logos), black-and-white variants, and a high-quality lithograph print.

It’s important to note that Shi will not appear in the pages of the story. These variant editions will only have new covers featuring Shi alongside Vampirella.

Is your interest aroused? You can visit the Vampirella/Shi anniversary edition Indiegogo page here.

25? 50? These ladies don’t look a day over…. actually 25 is pretty fair.

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