Horde Shooter “Hero Potential” Features Indie Comics Stars Cyberfrog, Cecil & the Jawbreakers

On Thursday, independent video game creator Harrison Bergeron launched a crowdfunding campaign for Hero Potential, an online multiplayer shooter featuring heroes from several independent comic books (as DLC), such as CyberFrog, Cash Grab’s Cecil, and the Jawbreakers. Of course, there are plenty of original heroes in the base game, too.

At the moment, the Steam PC release is the focus, but a Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X version are also planned if all goes well.

You can check out the trailer below, followed by the official pitch taken from the Hero Potential Indiegogo campaign page.

What is Hero Potential?

Hero Potential is a multiplayer co-op superhero themed horde mode shooter. But that’s a mouthful, so what does that mean exactly? Hero Potential is similar to games like Call of Duty: Zombies or Killing Floor, but set in a world of superpowers and heroics. You choose one of the standard heroes and pick their powers from three separate classes, or pick a predefined superhero like Cyberfrog or Silkworm and then try to survive as long as possible as ever increasingly difficult waves of evil robot AI try to take you out.

Choose from 19 offensive powers, 19 defensive powers and 16 damage/defense enhancing powers and mix and match them any way you want

In addition to superpowers, there are 13 real world weapons and 7 future tech weapons available to help you survive the extinction level event. It’s desperate so our heroes use any means to help them stay alive.

While intended as a co-op multiplayer game it does have a single player mode if multiplayer isn’t your thing.

Officially licensed? Yessir.

Backers can get a Steam code for the base game starting at $20, which will include a digital wallpaper pack, a closed beta access key, and your name in the game’s credits. If you have more cash to spend, you can also get multiple copies of the game, your likeness as a playable character, and of course the DLC packs that include the Jawbreakers, Cecil, and Froggy.

Ready to see what you’re made of? You can support Hero Potential at Indiegogo here.

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